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Our Team

Ali-Reza Adl-Tabatabai

Compilers maestro who vibes with guitar tunes.

Gautam Korlam

Developer tools enthusiast. Leveling up, Fast or Too Fast. Gaming ninja.

Raj Barik

Program analysis wizard, optimizing in style. Tennis court conqueror.

Ameya Ketkar

Code rewriting aficionado and PL/SE explorer. RPG adventurer.

Sarina Hothi

Sheet formula maestro sweating it out at the gym. Fitness fanatic.

Lazaro Clapp

Crash-buster in program analysis, in PL/SE, and on the stage. Actor at heart.

Krish Masand

Developer tooling aficionado, carving paths in software and on the slopes. Endurance athlete.

Donald Pinkney

Compiler hacker and cat whisperer. Snapping photos on the side.

Artem Tyurin

Developer tools maestro and programming language designer. Tetris strategist.

Roshan Patel

Graphics rendering maestro and digital artistry innovator. Aquarium aficionado.

Ali Afroozeh

Programming languages guru and IDE innovator. Golf enthusiast

Alex Les

Distributed systems expert and blockchain enthusiast. Surfing the waves of innovation.

Our Interns

Catarina Gamboa

Compiler enthusiast and developer experience innovator. Globe-trotting adventurer.

Parsa Adl-Tabatabai

Programming enthusiast and technology explorer. Curious problem solver.

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