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Gitar Documentation

Gitar builds end-to-end developer tooling to fix tech debt and deliver high quality code.

Gitar Bot connects to your repositories to create PRs that clean stale feature flags from your code. In this early access release, Gitar Bot is invoked by commenting the flag name and the final flag value on any Github issue. Gitar Bot then creates a PR that cleans up the flag by replacing it with its final value and cleaning the resulting code. The final release will integrate with various feature flag systems to create a cleanup PR as soon as flags is identified as stale.

Getting Started

To get started with Gitar, check out our Getting Started Guide.


Automated PRs

Automates pull requests that clean up stale flags

Deep Cleanups

Removes code that is dead due to stale flags

Polyglot Support

Supports major programming languages and frameworks

Streamlined Integrations

Integrates with a variety of tools and platforms