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May 21, 2024
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Gitar, Inc
Gitar, Inc

Gitar’s Early Access Release at LaunchDarkly Galaxy

Gitar’s Early Access Release at LaunchDarkly Galaxy illustration

We’re thrilled to unveil our first product at LaunchDarkly’s Galaxy 2024 user conference where we’ll open up limited early access to Galaxy attendees at Ameya Ketkar’s talk on “Mo’ Flags, No Debt”. You can also see a preview of Gitar’s integration with LaunchDarkly’s new UI at the talk “Product Deep Dive: Release Assistant & Release Guardian”.

This first product automatically creates Pull/Merge Requests that clean up stale feature flags in repos that use LaunchDarkly SDKs. It both saves developer time and improves code quality by completely automating the process of deep-cleaning stale flags from code. You can find more details in our last blog “More Feature Flags, Less Tech Debt”.

Our early access release provides a bot via which users can trigger automated flag cleanups on cloud-hosted repos. You can read about this in our new online docs. Future releases will integrate with the LaunchDarkly service to trigger cleanups automatically as soon as flags become stale. Future releases will also support on-prem deployments.

Product features include:

  • Support for major programming languages: Support for both client and server-side JavaScript, TypeScript, and Java; and for server-side Go and Python. Support for Kotlin, Ruby, Swift, and other languages in future releases.

  • Deep cleanups: Cascading cleanup of code that becomes dead as a result of flag removal, including cleanups of tests and JSX/TSX components.

  • Support for custom wrapper APIs: Configuration to enable deep cleanup support for custom APIs that wrap LaunchDarkly SDKs.

  • Timely, fully-automated stale flag cleanup: Integration with LaunchDarkly to trigger clean ups as soon as flags become stale.

With this first release, we’re just getting started. We will also support other feature flag providers in future releases – stay tuned.

For direct inquiries or more information on our solutions contact us here or join our community slack channel.

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