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GitHub Permissions

When installing the Gitar Bot, you’ll be asked to grant certain permissions to the bot. These permissions are essential for Gitar to function properly and perform the necessary code maintenance tasks on your behalf. Let’s take a closer look at the permissions and why they are needed.

Read and Write Access to Actions, Checks, Commit Statuses, and Workflows

Gitar requires both read and write access to actions, checks, commit statuses, and workflows to effectively monitor and manage your repository’s build process.

With read access, Gitar can introspect action logs and identify any build errors that may occur. This allows Gitar to detect and diagnose build issues automatically, saving you time and effort in troubleshooting.

Write access enables Gitar to take corrective actions and automatically fix build errors when they are detected. Additionally, write access allows Gitar to add quality checks to your repository, such as auto-formatting code to maintain consistency and to adhere to coding standards. This helps ensure that your codebase remains clean and maintainable.

By having both read and write access to these components, Gitar can streamline your build process, catch and resolve issues quickly, and maintain code quality standards.

Read and Write Access to Code, Issues, and Pull Requests

Gitar needs read and write access to your repository’s code, issues, and pull requests to perform its core functionality of automating code maintenance tasks.

With read access to code, Gitar can analyze your codebase, identify stale feature flags, and determine the necessary changes to be made. Write access to code allows Gitar to make the required modifications and remove stale feature flags automatically.

Read and write access to issues and pull requests enables Gitar to create and manage issues related to code maintenance tasks, as well as generate automated pull requests for removing stale feature flags and performing other code cleanup tasks.