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Q. Which feature flag SDKS does gitar support cleaning up?

Gitar currently supports the LaunchDarkly feature flag SDKs:

Early AccessAndroid - Java, JavaScript, Node.js, ReactGo, Java, Node.js
Coming SoonAndroid - Kotlin, iOS - SwiftRuby Python

See examples.

Q. How can I tailor Gitar to my custom SDK wrappers?

Gitar is designed to be extensible and can be tailored to support custom SDK wrappers via the Wrapper API Specifications.

Q. How does Gitar cleanup stale feature flags?

Gitar identifies stale flags by analyzing the codebase and comparing the flags in the code with those in the feature flag system. If the feature flag system identified a flag as stale, and it is present in the codebase, Gitar cleans it up.

Q. My GitHub project does not have issues enabled. How do I run the Gitar Bot?

You can also comment on an existing PR to invoke the Gitar Bot.

Q. How can I try out the bot without installing it on my repo?

You can try out the bot on our sample demo repo.


Reach us via Slack or Email.